QuickCell for small leaks and gross leaks

A test system for all types of assembly lines

At 500 test pieces per minute, QuickCell guarantees the industrial user a complete, self-sufficient working test system which can be integrated seamlessly into all assembly lines - all this at a reasonable price. This new kind of leak test system consists of a multi-channel device. It is in the position, during continuous cycling, to perform a leak test using pressure increase measurements in a pre-evacuated secondary volume, to analyze results and transmit the test result (leak value) to an exterior visualization station.

It is also possible to test using over-pressure and then measure pressure reduction.

The measurement procedure is determined by the corresponding station Setup.

The pressure increase measurement methof

 The normally sealed and closed test pieces e.g. products, are placed into one of 20 sealed closed chambers (= secondary volume) with a pre-set under-pressure. The pressure increase in the secondary volume (due to leaks from the interior of the test piece) is acquired and analyzed by a pressure sensor. The leakage is then obtained from:

q leak = V x dp / dt [mbar*L/sec]. The large leak detection results from the achieved test pressure.

The advantages at a glance

  • High performance: even for 500 parts/min, through continuous test technology
  • Leak test with pressure increase or decrease on open or sealed parts
  • Large leak test enclosed
  • Test flexibility mechanical tests and optical controls are integratable
  • Especially suited for concentric or oval plastics or panel parts
  • Gentle parts handling with specially developed transfer and receiving technologies
  • Integration capable into assembly with cycled automation
  • Implementable in many sectors: Plastics, connections, packaging, foodstuffs, cosmetics, medical technology

Technical data

Smallest detectable leak rate 10E-4 mbar*L/sec
Practically useful measurement range 10E-4 to 10E-1 mbar*L/sec and large leak
Test type pressure increase or decrease measurement including large leak detection
Computer industrial PC
Operating system Windows
Software LEO process module leak test
Interfaces PROFI / Ethernet /RS232 / ind.IO
Electrical energy 230 VAC / 50 or 60 Hz
Pneumatic energy min. 5 bar

Cuvettes and packaging

Functional and leak tests on pharmaceutical and cosmetic mass produced items. Systems concepts for product rate of up to 500 parts/min.

Example systems:

Leak and flow tests on complex injection molded parts.

  • Test pressure: -1 ... +2 bar rel
  • Parts cycle: 2 ... 30 parts / min

PC based Desk Top Testing Device

Designed for mainly use in Cleanroom and Laboratory Environment.

Test methods:

  • Product specific leakage and function test.
  • Methods as Vacuum decay (pressure rise)
  • Pressure decay (pressure drop)
  • Flow rates
  • Function tests
  • and Combinations of different test procedures