Vehicle relays, safety relays

Electrical and mechanical tests and alignment on electrical and electronics components. From manual lab stations up to fully automated inline systems.


Electrical tests and alignment

Over stroke alignment

Lengthwise cycled work piece carriers through several test and alignment stations

Automated WPC - type change by a WPC cartridge

Parts cycle 14 parts / min.

Electrical tests:

  • Pull-in and seal-in voltage
  • Dropout voltage
  • Response times
  • Resistance coil parameter
  • Inductance
  • HiPot / Surgetest
  • High current
  • Switch test
  • Cleaning

Function and parameter test: final assembly

Example systems

  • Lengthwise cycled work piece carrier runs through up to 30 automated test stations which are connected to a central station carrier.
  • Parts cycle 45 parts / min.

Fastest assembly and testing system

Example systems:

100% test of vehicle relays
Final assembly cap and laser marking
Force-path test in smallest space
70 parts per minute