LIWO automated testing:
The specialist for your industry

LIWO automated testing has been familiar with the processes, test methods and quality
requirements of the major automotive suppliers, energy providers and the pharmaceutical
industry for decades and has developed effi cient system concepts for these industries.

Our central Markets


Products and service from the automotive sector. Test, alignment and measurement devices for automotive series production and quality assurance.

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Pharmaceutical sector

With demands for increasing quality, the requirements on measurement and testing technology are also growing for systems which can be directly integrated into the assembly line.

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Our Products

Testing system for injection pumps

Testing system for multi-stage, tracer gas based leak testing of high-pressure injection pumps. Semi-automatic or fully automatic test benches for large-scale production worldwide. More >

Testing system for oil hydraulic gearbox pressure regulators

System to adjust the characteristic curve measurement of oil hydraulic pressure regulators. [Semi-automated for large-scale production] More >

Testing system for common rail components

High-pressure leak testing for common rail: test pressures of up to 500 bar, combined with demanding boundary leak rates and high product diversity, require sophisticated plant concepts down to the smallest detail. More >

Testing system for automotive relays

System for functional and parameter testing of electrical circuit breakers in the automotive industry. [Fully automated for large-scale production] More >

Testing system for CNG/LPG components

Combination systems for multistage leak and functional testing of CNG/LPG pressure control units. Complex testing sequences with up to 20 individual tests including adjustment provide customers with a complete testing solution in a single setting. More >

Testing system for water hydraulic conveyor units

System for functional and parameter testing of water hydraulic Pump modules. [Fully automated for series production] More >

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