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LIWO Prüfautomation is a manufacturer of machines and systems and is familiar with the processes, test methods and quality requirements of the automotive, pharmaceutical, medical technology, gas and water technology, mechanical engineering and semiconductor production industries and develops efficient system concepts for these industries.

Our central Markets




Development and series test benches for many applications, e.g. hydrogen components, battery cells, bipolar plates, etc.


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Mechanical Engineering

Test stations, processes and measuring devices that can be integrated into your assembly line or production line.

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Medical Technology + Pharma

With growing quality demands in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries, the need for reliable measuring and testing technology is also growing steadily.

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Gas and water technology

Leak testing, flow testing, functional testing in the field of gas and water technology.

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Application examples

Testing system for pipe fittings

6-champer helium leak test systems  More >

Leak test system fpr bipolar plates

Fully automatic 1-chamber test stand with manual loading  More >

Testing system for hydrogen valves

High-pressure leak test for hydrogen valves for test pressures up to 1,100 bar. More >

Testing system for catheters

Flow and pressure difference test system ∆p of multi-channel catheters More >

Testing system for Single Use Equipment

Helium leak testing for single use equipment for limiting leak rates down to 2µm diameter. More >

Test system for reagent cassettes

Continuous leak test with pressure difference of reagent cassettes. More >

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