Test-, alignment- and measurement technology for your products from LIWO

The Lippok & Wolf company is manufacturer of leak- and function testers for industrial production. The degree of automation ranges from manual to fully automatic test system.

Testers for helium leak testing

An important product area of LIWO are customized helium leak test systems. These test stands are either based on the proven standard basic machines or they can be created by LIWO as a purely customer-specific system. With regard to the reliable sealing of the test specimen during the test, LIWO guarantees practical, fully developed solutions.

In addition to the helium-based trace gas method, Liwo also offers test systems based on the NID leak test method. Here, a laser process is used to continuously determine the nitrogen concentration in a test chamber.

Furthermore, we also offer interesting standard solutions in the field of pressure difference / pressure drop methods. These solutions are particularly impressive due to their compact design as well as high measuring speed, measuring accuracy and from 1-6 test channels in a compact housing.

Hydraulic and pneumatic testing

In the field of hydraulic test equipment, the test- and calibration methods range from simple function- or leak tests to complex measurement procedures. The samples range from simple switch-on / switch-off valves, pressure regulators, flow controllers to complete pump- and control units. The test and calibration methods range from simple functional or leak tests to complex measurement runs. Variables such as flow rate and pressure, resistance tests, large- and small signal hysteresis, P / I characteristics, resonance behavior can be tested. Also switching- and load tests and burst pressure tests are performed.  

With its hydro - pneumatic test systems, both hydraulic and pneumatic precision components are pneumatically calibrated and tested for function. The samples are kept clean and dry.

Electrical testing

The standardized measurment equipment, manufactured by Liwo, meet almost all requirements of the market  for measurement functions. The range of measurements extends from hysteresis - response time- or force/displacement measurements or various function voltages  (as seal-in, drop-out or holding voltage), through identification and measurement of leakage by pressure-drop method with a resolution of 0.01 %. Even high-voltage tests, measurements of insulation resistance, special applications with NIR cameras (evaluation up to 500 images / s) and complete functional tests belong to the spectrum of Liwo standard equipment.

In addition to the measuring devices Liwo provides all necessary additional components such as test adapter, contacts, control computers, cabinets, laboratory equipment. Of course, our measurement technique is also used in our test system. The modular design allows us to achieve high flexibility with our instruments. The robust construction high reliability.

A from LIWO developed Windows-based user interface and various software modules beer Liwo real-time visualization of measured curves as well as storage and statistical processing of all measured data.


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