QuickCell for small leaks and gross leaks

A test system for all types of assembly lines

At 500 test pieces per minute, QuickCell guarantees the industrial user a complete, self-sufficient working test system which can be integrated seamlessly into all assembly lines - all this at a reasonable price. This new kind of leak test system consists of a multi-channel device. It is in the position, during continuous cycling, to perform a leak test using pressure increase measurements in a pre-evacuated secondary volume, to analyze results and transmit the test result (leak value) to an exterior visualization station.

It is also possible to test using over-pressure and then measure pressure reduction.

The measurement procedure is determined by the corresponding station Setup.

The advantages at a glance

  • High performance: even for 500 parts/min, through continuous test technology
  • Leak test with pressure increase or decrease on open or sealed parts
  • Large leak test enclosed
  • Test flexibility mechanical tests and optical controls are integratable
  • Especially suited for concentric or oval plastics or panel parts
  • Gentle parts handling with specially developed transfer and receiving technologies
  • Integration capable into assembly with cycled automation
  • Implementable in many sectors: Plastics, connections, packaging, foodstuffs, cosmetics, medical technology

Technical data

Smallest detectable leak rate 1x10-4 mbar*l/s
Practically useful measurement range 1x10-4 to 1x10-1 mbar*l/s and large leak
Test type pressure increase or decrease measurement including large leak detection
Computer industrial PC
Operating system Windows
Software LEO process module leak test
Interfaces PROFI / Ethernet /RS232 / ind.IO
Electrical energy 230 VAC / 50 or 60 Hz
Pneumatic energy min. 5 bar