Assembly processes

LIWO does not construct automated assembly machines. However, you are still welcome to use our experience in the automation area to integrate your assembly processes into our LIWO test systems.

This is necessary in case one or more assembly processes are required between different test processes.

A good example of this is the assembly of a housing around a component. If tests are required on both open and closed assemblies then we can integrate the housing assembly into the test machine.

Another example is hydraulic components that are filled and tested using the same hydraulic fluid. Here, LIWO test machines are responsible for both filling components as well as assembly steps on the filled assembly. This ensures the pre-stored assembly line is free of hydraulic fluid and remains dry.

We also are happy to integrate LIWO test technology into automated assembly machines.

A good example is test tasks on partially mounted components which go through further assembly steps after this test station.

Other examples are small test jobs where it is cheaper to use the automation of an automated assembly machine than to set up a separate test machine.