Assembly and palletising processes

LIWO is specialised in test automation. But you are still welcome to use our experience in the field of automation to integrate assembly processes or palletising processes into our LIWO testing systems.

This is necessary if one or the other assembly process is still required between different test processes.

A good example of this is the assembly of a housing around a component. If tests are necessary on the open component as well as on the closed component, we can integrate the assembly of the housing into the automatic testing machine.

Another example is hydraulic components which are tested and filled with the same hydraulic fluid. Here LIWO automatic testing machines also take over the filling of the components, as well as assembly steps on the filled component. This means that the upstream assembly line can be kept free of the hydraulic fluid and thus dry.

It is also possible to integrate LIWO testing technology into assembly lines.
A good example of this are testing tasks on partially assembled components which pass through further assembly steps after a testing station.

Another example is small testing tasks where it is more economical to use the automation of an automatic assembly machine than to create a separate automatic testing machine.



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