LIWO Testing Automation: Technology

LIWO testing systems are known for their sophisticated technology, economic efficiency and flexibility. With selected hardware and self-developed PDA and PDE programs, LIWO complete systems record and document the significant operating and process data for the realisation of the highest quality standards.

Quality and success are the two sides of the often quoted coin. We only tolerate the quality that brings success to our customers.

Lippok & Wolf is your system partner for high quality.


Overview process competence:

  • Leak testing:
    • Pneumatic leak  testing
    • Trace gas test (helium, hydrogen, SF6) up to 1100 bar test pressure
    • Nitrogen detection (patented NID method
  • Hydraulic testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Functional testing (e.g. burst tests and flow tests)
  • Assembly processes and palletising


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