In cooperation with the sensor manufacturer Gemtec the UNIDIM NID has been developed.

In this methods, the nitrogen concentration is continuously determined in a test chamber with a laser procedure. Leaks are detected by measuring the change in Nitrogen concentration due to nitrogen molecules escaping from a DUT that has been filled with air or nitrogen.

Applications of the NID method

The UNIDIM NID enables the detection of leaks to 10-5 mbar * l / s, which were traditionally only be determined with expensive tracer gas- or manual underwater test methods. In fully automatic operation this leak detection system achieves reliable measurements even with short cycle time and also operator-independent. Since the temperature due to the process does not influence the measurement process, the NID method yields even under harsh manufacturing conditions reliable results. This is especially true for plastic parts where temperature influences the production process or He- permeation play a role.


Innovation Award Rems-Murr 2014

honored with the Innovation Award.


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