LIWO automated testing:
Automated testing for machine fabricators

LIWO machine manufacturer

Traditionally, LIWO has worked together with machine fabricators. In addition to complete test systems, test stations and measurement devices that can be integrated into almost any assembly line, LIWO offers the corresponding software for operation and product data acquisition of varous assembly and test processes.

Example systems:

Helium leak test

One core competence of LIWO lies in the helium leak tests with a very good test piece range.

Characteristic for this are:

  • Small leak rates
  • Fast cycle times
  • Ingenious adaptations
  • Test pressures up to 400 bar

Quick cell leak test for each assembly line

At 500 test pieces per minute, QuickCell guarantees the industrial user a complete, self-sufficient working test system which can be integrated seamlessly into all assembly lines.


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