Test systems for chassis technology

Reference project: Hydraulic test system for proportional solenoid valves

Brief description:

  • Fully automatic test system
  • Set-up time, type change < 3 min
  • 6 hydraulic test modules working in parallel
  • Integrated cleaning process and laser marking
  • Infeed palletiser for feeding the untested parts
  • Input palletiser, output palletiser
  • Decentralised oil reservoir, 120l per test module
  • Limit leakage rate: 0-50 ml/min
  • Test medium: oil
  • Test pressure: 0-80 bar


Reference project: Helium leak test for air suspension system

Helium leak test of weld lines on gas spring systems. High test pressure connected with observable contact cross-sections and small limit leak rates require a polished chamber and adaptor technology.

Brief description:

  • Leak tests with OK scribe marks
  • Cycle time: 40s
  • Limit leak rate: in the range of 1x10-5 mbar*l/s


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