Helium leak test systems for bipolar plates (for fuel cell stacks)

Reference project: Fully automatic 1-chamber test stand with manual loading

The test specimen is adapted in the system and a helium integral measurement is performed.

The detection system for the test gas is a mass spectrometer, which is composed of an ion source, the separation system and the ion detector.

Brief description:

  • Manual loading system for up to 10 bipolar plates
  • Automatic loading system via vacuum gripper, part handling IO/ NIO
  • Multiple stepwise integral measurements from anode / cathode / cooling and against outside to test chamber
  • Limit leakage rate: 1x10-4 mbar*l/s
  • Test medium: 10% He / 90% N²
  • Test pressure 2-5 bar


Info about bipolar plates:

Bipolar plates are core elements of any PEM fuel cell stack. They control the supply of hydrogen and air as well as the removal of water vapor and the release of thermal and electrical energy. The design of their flow field has a significant influence on the efficiency of the entire unit. Bipolar plates can differ significantly from one another - both in terms of their size and the way they are manufactured.


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