Lippok & Wolf: Company history

1976 Harry Wolf and Horst Lippok found "Lippok & Wolf GmbH" with a main office in Schorndorf.
1988 Move to a new, modern company building with 1,500 m<sup>2</sup> usable area in Welzheim.
1990 Transfer from a drawing board to mechanical CAD.
1992 First PC-supported control technology for LIWO systems and first implementation in field bus technologies.
1993 Harry Wolf assumes the business share of Horst Lippok.
1993 Development of the "UNIDIM", a modularly assembled, industrial system concept for leak test.
1996 Introduction into Windows technology with the BDE and PDE product lines for data acquisition.
1999 Founding of the computer and network section LIWO C&N with locations in Welzheim and Schwäbisch Hall.
2000 Expansion and extension of the company building to 2,000 m² production and office area.
2001 Development of the "Compact-UNIDIM" as a low cost alternative to the larger UNDIM system.
2002 Development of "LEO", a process and visualization software matched to test processes for use in systems controls.
2003 Management buy out: Gunther Arnold, Edith Geiger and Edgar Schäfer purchase shares in the business and assume responsibility as executive officers in a GM team.
2004 Introduction of a modern, medium-sized enterprise oriented ERP system.
2005 Introduction of a quality management systems and certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000-12.
2006 Introduction into the solar sector.
2008 Introduction of an environmental management system and certification to DIN EN ISO 14001.
2009 Development of a new leak test technology for extremely fast measurement procedures (cycle times up to 500 parts / min).
2011 Introduction of a multiple project planner
2013 license of authorized exporter
2014 Development of a new leak test method NID based on the detection of nitrogen
2018 First industrial use of the NID process
2018 Gunther Arnold, Edith Geiger and Edgar Schäfer retire from the management
2019 Holger Fordinal forms together with Harry Wolf the new managing team


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