Constant pump suction capacity in the helium leak test

LIWO has developed a patent-pending method with which a significantly better measuring capability can be achieved.

In general helium leak testing, the pumping speed of the vacuum pumps is not constant, but fluctuates considerably in some cases. This variance in pumping speed is not caused by fluctuations in the performance of the vacuum pumps, but by the overall system of a helium leak test facility.

The fluctuating pumping speed leads to non-constant measurement results of the helium mass spectrometer. These cause a reduction in the process capability, which can have a serious effect, especially with shorter cycle times.

With sophisticated control and technical adjustments, Liwo stabilises the pumping speed of the pumps, which leads to more stable measured values.

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Advantages for the customer

  • Obtaining a higher measurement and thus process capability (e.g. Cpk ≥ 1.66 instead of 1.33).

  • Less deep vacuum is required. This also offers potential for shortening the cycle time.

  • The reduction in cycle time can mean that products can now be satisfactorily tested for leaks, which would not have been possible without stabilising the pumping speed.
  • Retrofitting of existing systems is possible.


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